Wedding Backdrop For Hire in Exeter Devon

A beautiful Wedding backdrop makes an amazing difference to any venue. It is a professional way to brighten any room due to the pretty white L.E.D lights fitted onto the backdrop.
Wedding backdrops are traditionally placed behind the top table but they can be placed anywhere as a pretty backdrop, ideal for photos.
Standing behind a Ceremony Table or Head Table is the perfect way to hide an unsightly wall or a particular area in the room that you don’t like and wish to screen off.
Create a romantic feel with white L.E.D lights perfect for your wedding reception.
Please see our photos we welcome any enquiry.

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Recommended Venue

It is our pleasure to introduce you DEvon Love Letters - Recommended Venue - Lord Haldon Hotelto the Lord Haldon Hotel. Situated on the outskirts of the city of Exeter. We are proud to be the top choice of Disco Services used and highly recommended by this Venue: